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Reveal the true Diversity of Microbiomes

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Now Available! Software v2.9 Long Amplicon Sequencing on the GS FLX+ System

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See how GenR Scientists are using Roche Sequencing Solutions

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New! REM e System with Hamilton NIMBUS Workstation: Streamline your GS Junior Sequencing Workflow

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What We're Working On: Sequencing Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

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Introducing GS GType TET2/CBL/KRAS & RUNX1 Primer Sets

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GS Junior Plus

Benchtop GS Junior with 700-800 bases and beyond


The gold standard in next-generation sequencing.


Japanese Cancer Association Meeting
September 25, 2014, Yokohama, Japan

The association holds its annual meeting once a year. The association publishes the proceedings of the Annual Meeting as the Proceedings of the Japanese Cancer Association.

European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress
September 26, 2014, Madrid, Spain

The theme for ESMO 2014 is ‘Precision Medicine in Cancer Care.’ Whether you are a medical or surgical oncologist, radiotherapist, immunologist or pathologist, practicing precision medicine means we are all working towards a common goal—improved patient outcomes. This is the ultimate goal of ESMO 2014.

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